Update: Following Russia’s decision to leave the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) suspended the examination of all applications against the Russian Federation on March 16, 2022. This development could leave the Russian Christians we are supporting at the ECHR without recourse to justice within the international system. Their cases hang in the balance. As we continue to pursue all avenues available to secure justice for them, please join us in prayer for those suffering persecution and discrimination.

Russian pastor Vitaliy Bak speaking in church


Vitaliy Bak is a Baptist community leader in Russia. Soon, he may be forced to demolish his house. Why? Because he held worship services there. In 2019, uniformed men interrupted Vitaliy’s friends and family as they worshiped together. They raided the house and later that year sealed a large potion off to prevent future use. Vitaliy lost his house, and his family and friends lost their place of worship. Where Vitaliy and his community live in Russia, religious groups are prohibited from purchasing, building, and registering a designated church building. That’s why Vitaliy used a private residence to meet with his Baptist community. So, Russian authorities used zoning laws to shut down Vitaliy’s weekly services. Evangelical Christians in Russia deserve to have their rights protected. If Vitaliy’s home is demolished, it could set a dangerous precedent for religious minorities in Russia. We have brought Vitaliy’s case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights (where the Court’s decisions affect more than 800 million people). But we need your help. Will you help fund his legal battle so he can get his house back?