Who We Are

ADF International is a faith-based legal advocacy organization that protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people. ADF International is the global partner of Alliance Defending Freedom.

To see religious freedom flourish across the globe, ADF International is committed to a wide spectrum of legal issues including defending free speech, seeking justice for victims of persecution, and safeguarding parental rights.

We come alongside lawmakers to help shape legislation, work through international courts and institutions to engage world leaders and defend people of faith, and support courageous individuals who are leading critical efforts in their communities.

We maintain a full-time presence at all the institutions of strategic international importance as well as work with local partners at a national level to provide training, funding, and legal advocacy. We have thousands of allied lawyers that have engaged in over 70 different countries worldwide.

What We Do

At ADF International we recognize that there is strength in partnership.

We focus on building alliances with lawyers and like-minded organizations, who we work with to develop comprehensive legal strategies that protect religious freedom, the sanctity of life, free speech, parental rights, and marriage and family around the world. We have a three-fold model for lasting change.

  • Seek Justice for our clients.
    We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world alongside an alliance of thousands of lawyers.
  • Target the Root Causes of Persecution.
    We engage at the highest levels of law and governance, securing precedent-setting victories that benefit everyone.
  • Raise Up Future Leaders.
    We mobilize the leaders of tomorrow to bring about structural, systemic change for future generations.

We are committed to seeing fundamental human rights flourish across the world. And in our short history, we’ve already been part of victories which have set international legal precedents that protect religious freedom.


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Where We Are

ADF International has allied lawyers that have engaged in more than 70 different countries.

We maintain a full-time presence at all the institutions of strategic international importance including our headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and our other offices in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland. We also work with allies throughout India.

We also work on a local level with a network of thousands of allies to provide training, funding, and legal advocacy.


Meet our team of experts.

Kristen Waggoner, President & CEO

Kristen Waggoner


Kristen Waggoner is President and CEO of ADF International. She oversees the efforts of more than 400 ADF team members in seven global offices as well as 4,500 network attorneys engaged in litigation, legislation, training, funding, and public advocacy.

Paul Coleman ADF International Executive Director

Paul Coleman


Paul Coleman serves as Executive Director of ADF International from its headquarters in Vienna, overseeing the advocacy and operations of this global, alliance-building legal organization.

Robert Clarke ADF International Deputy Director of Advocacy

Robert Clarke


Robert Clarke serves as Deputy Directory (Advocacy) for ADF International at its office in Vienna, Austria.

Tehmina Arora ADF International Director of Advocacy Asia

Tehmina Arora


Tehmina Arora serves as Director of Advocacy for Asia with ADF International.

Tomas Henriquez ADF International Director of Advocacy Latin America and Caribbean

Tomás Henríquez


Tomás Henríquez serves as Director of Advocacy for Latin America & Caribbean with ADF International. His team leads advocacy efforts defending the sanctity of life, marriage, family, parental rights, and religious freedom at the Organization of American States and its many bodies, and providing support to regional allies all across the Latin American and Caribbean states.

Elyssa Koren ADF International Director of United Nations Advocacy

Elyssa Koren


Elyssa Koren serves as Legal Communications Director, where she oversees ADF International’s media communications efforts. She advances the advocacy objectives of ADF International by crafting legal communications and executing media outreach for the organization’s work across the globe.

Kelsey Zorzi ADF International Director of Advocacy for Global Religious Freedom

Kelsey Zorzi


Kelsey Zorzi serves as Director of Advocacy for Global Religious Freedom with ADF International. She leads efforts to address and counter global persecution against Christians and other religious minorities.

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