Indian girl sitting by candles in the dark


In India, there are 63 million “missing” girls.

Social, cultural, and religious practices in India glorify sons and cast aside daughters. And because of this gender bias, women face extreme pressure to abort their unborn girls.  Women even face domestic violence from their husbands or husbands' families for choosing to give birth to a girl.

Every day an estimated 7,000 babies are aborted in India just because they are girls.

Entire generations of women—wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers—are gone.

This widespread injustice threatens the lives of millions and has resulted in a severe sex ratio imbalance throughout the country. In India today, the number of males born far outpaces the number of females. Data published in 2018 by the Registrar General of India shows a ratio of 844 girls born per every 1000 boys in the capital Delhi.

Not only do sex-selective abortions threaten the lives of baby girls but the future of an entire country.

So, ADF International is doing something about it.

Together with our allies in India we have launched the Vanishing Girls campaign to eradicate sex-selective abortion in our lifetime and save the lives of thousands of girls by:

  • Providing legal aid to women who are being forced to undergo sex-selective abortions
  • Raising awareness about sex-selective abortions & the legal rights of women in India
  • Fighting to protect, enforce, and strengthen laws that prohibit sex-selective abortions

But we need your help. Will you consider giving to save girls in India today?

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