Help defend the religious freedom of brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide!

Christians around the world are facing serious persecution for their faith.

We’re already on the ground in over 100 countries with a global network of over 4,500 lawyers—seeking justice for our clients in courtrooms around the world, targeting the root causes of discrimination in the highest levels of law, securing precedent-setting victories, and raising up future leaders and advocates for freedom of tomorrow.

But we’re living in a world of unpredictability and hostility—especially against the Christian faith. Every day:

  • 13 Christians worldwide are killed because of their faith …
  • 12 churches or Christian buildings are attacked …
  • 12 Christians are unjustly arrested or imprisoned …

We MUST do more to help protect our brothers and sisters around the world.

And with your aid, we can:

  1. Protect religious freedom
  2. Defend persecuted Christians
  3. Train lawyers to defend the vulnerable
  4. Influence legal strategies in precedent-setting cases
  5. Mobilize students to become community leaders and advocates

In the work we do together, we can hold governments accountable for their actions. We can seek justice and we can help believers in Jesus live out their faith without fear of punishment.

We’re the world’s largest legal organization advancing the God-given right to live and speak the truth. In areas of the world where it’s the most dangerous to be a Christian, we’re able to stand for the truth with the help of friends like you.