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Christians in Nigeria Facing Severe Persecution

Christians living in Nigeria face some of the worst acts of persecution in the world. At least 13 Christians are killed every day simply because of their faith.

Challenging Blasphemy laws at the Supreme Court of Nigeria

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, a Nigerian Sufi musician, is bringing a challenge to the strict blasphemy law of Kano State, Northern Nigeria, under which he was previously sentenced to death, to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He was convicted in 2020 despite not having legal representation, after sharing audio messages on social media deemed blasphemous towards the prophet Muhammad.

Yahaya remains in jail without bail while awaiting the retrial, where he still faces a potential death penalty.

ADF International is supporting Yahaya’s Supreme Court appeal, working to ensure that Yahaya is released and the blasphemy law is overturned. The end of this law could save the lives of thousands of persecuted Christians.

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