Unanimous acquittal once again for sharing biblical worldview online

This battle has been won, but the war against censorship continues.


In Finland, Christian parliamentarian, doctor, and grandmother Päivi Räsänen has been prosecuted for the crime of “agitation against a minority group” under the “war crimes and crimes against humanity” section of the nation’s criminal code.

Her crime against humanity? Expressing basic Biblical truth about sexuality online.

In the Finnish state prosecutor’s view, Päivi’s beliefs, rooted in the Bible and Christian theology, are hateful and criminal.

ADF International, the global arm of Alliance Defending Freedom, has coordinated and supported Päivi’s defense.

She just won a second major victory for free speech and has now been acquitted twice of the charges of “hate speech”—but we will stand with her as long as it takes to secure justice.

We depend upon the generosity of people like you to defend Päivi and people of faith worldwide whose God-given rights are being violated. When you give, we don’t have to charge them a dime to defend them in court.

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Your gift is critical because attacks on the right to speak freely are spreading around the world.

  • In Britain, pro-life citizens have been arrested for praying in silence outside of abortion clinics.
  • In Mexico, a congressman was labeled a “political violator against women” for expressing concern that men who identify as women have taken spaces in Congress reserved for women.
  • In Nigeria, a musician was sentenced to death for supposed “blasphemy” towards the Prophet Mohammed in a WhatsApp message.
  • And right here in America, there are bills before Congress—including the Equality Act—and state laws that could coerce your speech on beliefs about marriage, sex, and what it means to be male and female.

The right to speak freely is facing grave threats around the globe. But you can help protect and secure it for the next generation. Please give today!