Why freedom of speech is worth protecting

For many of us in the West, the right to freedom of speech is protected by our nation’s laws. Despite rising self-censorship and civil calls for wider censorship in our societies, this right remains fundamental.

State-driven censorship fuels cancel culture and a climate of fear.

Alliance Defending Freedom International defends freedom of speech in three major ways:

  • We challenge government-enforced speech restrictions such as blasphemy laws and “hate speech” laws
  • We seek to undergird protections in international law to better protect freedom of speech
  • We highlight viewpoint discrimination, ensuring Christian voices are not silenced

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Why is free speech fundamental?

Your freedom to speak is something you have by virtue of the fact that you are a human person – it isn’t something given to you by any government. Therefore, it cannot be taken away.

Legal traditions in Europe and North America recognize this because our common law is designed to respect fundamental freedoms, unless there is good reason to interfere. Your right to free speech is evident through lack of legal restriction.

And international law recognizes your basic human right to freedom of speech.

Simply put, free speech is the foundation of every free and democratic society.